About the Forum

Economic Forum For Financial, Industrial & Commercial Partnerships

Investment Opportunities & Challenges

The Economic Forum, which includes a (B2B) conference and fair for financial, industrial and commercial partnerships between Iraq, Jordan and the region, is regarded as a specialized platform for exploring the economic and financing issues related to investment, with a focus on providing comprehensive analysis of the investment scene in Iraq and Jordan. Discussions revolve around the financial and economic climate, and Infrastructure development mechanisms in these two countries.

Forum participants

The forum highlights Iraqi entrepreneurs, government officials and investors, who provide their insights on the current economic situation and discuss investment opportunities and anticipated challenges.

Forum goal

The program includes hosting experts from various economic fields, who provide the participants with valuable insights on investment opportunities in the financial and contracting, oil and gas industry, information technology, infrastructure development and consumer market growth sectors.

Forum topics

Comprehensively, the forum is considered an integrated platform that covers all aspects related to investment and financing opportunities. It also provides the participants with a comprehensive understanding of the economic and investment scene and its development, whether an investor aims to enter the Iraqi or Jordanian markets, or is simply interested in staying informed about the economic scene in the region. The Economic Forum for Financial, Industrial and Commercial Partnerships offers an environment that enhances this understanding and contributes to achieving future goals.

Forum objectives

The forum provides a comprehensive overview of the investment climate in Iraq and Jordan, clarification on the legal and tax frameworks and financing options. It also provides a road map for the entry of foreign investors enabling them to make enlightened decisions.

Targeted sectors in the exhibition:

Invited parties:

  • Iraqi National Investment Commission

  • Jordanian Ministry of Investment
  • Iraqi Ministry of Industry and Minerals
  • Jordanian Ministry of Industry, Trade, and Supply
  • Central Bank of Jordan
  • Central Bank of Iraq
  • Association of Banks in Jordan
  • Association of Banks in Iraq
  • Jordanian Constructions Contractors Association
  • Iraqi Contractors Union
  • Federation of Iraqi Chambers of Commerce
  • Iraqi Federation of Industries
  • International Finance Organization of the World Bank Group
  • United Nations organizations and international organizations operating in Iraq and Jordan
  • Iraqi Private Banks League
  • Baghdad Chamber of Commerce